Q: Can I order them the length I want or do they only come in standard lengths?

A: The Integral, Stand Alone, and Pathfinder series can be ordered to custom lengths, models such as the H2O and SuperBright are only available in standard lengths.


Q: Can I get them in different colors?

A: Depending on which model you select, there may be different color’s available.  The color availability is outlined within each model’s page on our website.


Q: Are your lights waterproof?

A: The H20 and ALS are IP68 rated and fully submersible, the Pathfinder and SuperBright are both water resistant, and the Integral and Stand Alone are incased in a water resistant polycarbonate casing but not rated for full water submersion.


Q: Can I buy Luma Bar direct or do I have to go through a dealer?

A: We prefer that you go through a dealer, but you can buy direct with a credit card.


Q: What are some of the applications for Luma Bar lights?

A: Luma Bar has an option suitable for almost any application.  Please be sure to visit the ‘Applications’ section to see some of the numerous ways customers have used the lights.  Once you have a specific model in mind, additional imagery can also be found within each of the individual model’s pages.


Q: What is the standard lead time for Luma Bar orders?

A: 3 weeks plus shipping on most orders.


Q: Do you carry stock parts?

A: Luma Bar lights are built to order due to the custom nature of the applications.


Q: I received my light order and there are stickers on that back, what does the “C”, “L”, and “R” stands for?

A: The “C”, “L”, & “R” represents the direction of the light beam direction, a function of Luma Bar’s patented variable aiming system that provides a consistent 120° illumination.  When being installed in a compartment for example (when facing the compartment), the left angled light (Sticker: L) would be on the right-hand side, the right angled light (Sticker: R) would be installed on the left-hand side of the compartment.  The center angled light (Sticker: C) provides a straight light direction.


Q: What colors are available?

A: Red and white are available for every Luma Bar model; many of the models are also available with blue, green, or amber options.  Additional color information is available within each of the individual model’s webpages.


Q: How do I know which light I should be using?

A: The sales and customer services team would be more than happy to work with you to choose the right light for your application.


Q: Do I need to screw them on?

A: Depending on the model, we can sell them to you with two sided tape that will hold the lights in place.  Our Integral series is designed to snap into the side frame of an AMDOR roll-up door.


Q: What features differentiate Luma Bar® from other LED lighting suppliers?

A: Luma Bar has a number of solutions for numerous applications.  The Integral (designed to snap within the side frame of an AMDOR roll-up door) and Stand Alone series both and encased in a high-impact polycarbonate enclosure that features a patented variable aiming system that provides a consistent 120° beam pattern.

The H2O and ALS lights are both IP-68 rated and fully water submersible, all other models are water resistant.  Most Luma Bar models also feature a current limiting device to protect the lights from voltage spikes or shorts.  In the event of a surge the power to the lights is shut down, operation is resumed when normal operating conditions are detected.


Q: Are these lights safe enough to use in all types of vehicles?

A: Yes, when used for their intended application.  There may be limitations of use as per your local laws which vary between each state/province.


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