Why Red?

The retina within the human eye differentiates visual inputs and sends the information to the brain.  The red light will not impact their night vision compared to the contrast of white lighting providing fastest adaption time between light and dark as well as a much safer operating environment.

Within the visible spectrum red has the lowest frequency and helps preserve your night vision as it is the least likely to over-stimulate the receptors within your eye allowing the pupils to remain dilated when visually transitioning between the illuminated area and darkness.

The color red is often associated with safety and emergency vehicles, subsequently red lights provide a number of additional safety features.  Aside from the safety of those working around the illuminated area, red LED lights are less obtrusive to those driving at night, especially in a road-side situation where there may be active traffic operating.

Red lighting also provides the best ability to see detailed information such as labeling on a pump panel, instrument settings, gauges, etc. compared to other colors at night.

Luma Bar recently released a combination red/white LED board that allows the ability to switch between the two colors.  To learn more about the benefits and features of this functionality click here.

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